Monday, April 27, 2009

Top Ten List

The Top Ten Ways You Know You are Nearing the End of Your Pregnancy:

1) You are training your replacement for work.

2) Your library books are due on your due date.

3) The milk in the fridge expires after your due date.

4) There is a Pack and Play set up in your closet.

5) You feel like you should just wear a shirt with your due date printed on it to save people the trouble of asking.

6) That urine sample that you have to give at the doctor is proving more and more difficult to deliver.

7) You're down to one pair of jeans and one pair of dress pants that you can tolerate wearing for more than a few hours.

8) Any plans you make are prefaced with the phrase, "As long as I am not in the hospital."

9) 8 p.m. sounds like a perfectly reasonable bed time. (Even on the weekends.)

10) Before going to bed every night you check to make sure the path to the bathroom is clear.


Smith Family said...

You crack me up. Can I wish reallllly hard yet?

Shannon said...

Thats too funny!