Tuesday, April 14, 2009

9 Months!

I am entering the home stretch now. According to one of the pregnancy emails I receive, next week I will considered full term. While I am anxiously looking forward to the baby's arrival, I am not to the point where I feel I need to be done now. Lets hope that continues. I have 8 more solo days in the classroom, after which my replacement will arrive and we will team teach the last week in April. We have been getting so many neat things for the baby. I will have to post some of them on here soon.

I have been feeling pretty good. My back starts to hurt by mid afternoon, but it isn't too bad. Some nights I sleep pretty well and others I feel as if I am awake more than I am asleep. Now that it is finally getting nice out I have been able to go for a few walks. Boy can I tell that I am pregnant then.

Now when the baby moves it isn't just random flutters. You can definitely feel different bony parts being moved inside. An elbow here, a butt there, and a few kicks for good measure.


Stephanie said...

This picture is great! You can tell the baby is a separate entity, but that you have to carry it ALL the time. Have you asked M if he'd like to carry it for a while?

Shannon said...

You look great!

FireStorm,I'm Molly said...

Way to pull of 9-months and cute! Are you getting nervous?