Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Two Coats, Please

Craft Area Step:
#1) Plan and buy (check)
#2) Stain the cupboard pieces (check)
#3) Paint the walls (check)

I finished my little painting project this weekend. It is always amazing how much a couple coats of paint can change a space. Now it is on to shelf building and installing. And you know, painting really isn't that hard, either! (I always psych myself into thinking that it is a big deal and am always surprised at how it isn't!)


Smith Family said...

Beautiful color! Can I live at your house?

Kristi said...

I would love for you to come and live with us. You can be my nanny. :o)

Kristi said...

I would love for you to come and live with us. You can be my nanny. :o)

Smith Family said...

Get that WELS school started and you might have a deal. I'd love to help take care of a cute little "Mattina" or "Kristhew" as my babies are all growing up so fast!!

Smith Family said...

I'd also be wiling to trade back/foot rubs for some of the chicken artichoke and hot wing chicken pizza. Think about it. ;o)

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

i'm totally opposite of you...

i always psych myself into thinking painting is so easy and then it ends up being super hard! haha.

thanks for your comment.

so fun to find new friends.

you're probably really confused by yesterdays post.

i've been documenting my pregnancy difficulties and now i'm finally pregnant.

i left a clue in my last baby post that i would open up a bottle of martinellis as soon as we got the good news. that's why i had those pics with no words.

anywho...i've rambled on for too long now about something you probably didn't need to hear.

thanks again for commenting:)