Thursday, March 26, 2009

Craft Nook Organization Party

I felt the need to add party to the title to spice things up a bit. You know, not everyone likes the word organization. But really, it doesn't have to be a four letter word. I think as long as you have the right tools to do it with and enough space in which to organize it can be down right fun. What I don't like, is the cost of organizational tools. It is crazy how much they charge for plastic tubs these days! (Doesn't that make me sound old?!!)

For this project I tried to reuse as many containers as I could that we already had. I also tried to think outside of the box in what I used. I am happy with the results and think that it will work out well. I am still hoping to sew some bins made out of fabric at some point, but that will have to come later. (I already have way too many projects in the works.)

I wanted small containers with lids to organize all of my little stamping and scrapbooking accents. I had those metal spice containers in mind, but didn't like the price tag they came with. And then I found these little guys at Michael's. They are meant for party favors, but worked perfectly for my little items. There were 30 in the package and with a coupon I think I paid less than $15.
And here they are in their drawer with their goodies stashed inside.
As for my ever increasing ribbon stash, M and I tried to think of a good way to store it and finally decided on just getting plastic storage bins. And then we found these at Fleet Farm and a great ribbon storage system was born. I inserted dowels through the holes in the sides of the baskets and viola.
And finally, I used a junk drawer organizer to hold my sewing supplies.

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