Tuesday, March 17, 2009

8 Months Down; 2 to Go

Doesn't that title just seem a little weird? Aren't women only supposed to be pregnant for 9 months? Shouldn't it be, "8 Months Down; 1 to Go"? Ah, the joys of pregnancy math. Just trust me, I have 32 weeks in and average full term is considered 40, so that would make 8 weeks left or two months.

On to more exciting topics. . . My belly is literally shaking right now as I sit here typing this. The little baby inside of me definitely is a mover and shaker. Apparently it is even moving at night when I am not aware of it. One morning this week M told me that he felt the baby going crazy at 4 a.m. (I guess M and my offspring is a night owl, in spite of the fact that neither of us are!)

My belly is also starting to feel, well, big. There are times when I feel it is definitely not my body anymore. Along with the added size comes added aches and pains. Up until this point I really didn't feel all that pregnant. Now, however, my back is starting to hurt as well as my hips. Sleeping is not always all that comfortable of a proposition anymore. And although I can still bend over, it is not always with ease and grace.

Enough negativity! M and I were able to go to Lamaze class two weekends ago and boy did that make all of this seem real. I have a baby inside me and it is going to be making his or her appearance relatively soon. It was amazing to see the little bambinos in the nursery. They sure are tiny when they first come out.Check Spelling

We have been making progress on the downstairs as well. We are even hoping to paint the baby's room this weekend. I will make sure to post some pictures as everything starts coming together.

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FireStorm,I'm Molly said...

Maybe this means that Matt will get up with the baby at night and you can sleep through it!