Wednesday, March 11, 2009

CYO: Taggie Blanket

A taggie blanket and a travel pack of baby products is my go-to baby present. I like this present because I think that it is practical, easy to make, unique, homemade, and fun.

Quite often I will make up a batch of these at a time. They are ultra handy to have around when the need arises. Plus, they are one of those projects that are almost just as easy to make a bunch of as one.

While I was making this particular taggie blanket for little Evelyn, I thought that I would take some pictures and show you how you can create your own unique, handmade baby gift.

You want to begin by purchasing half a yard of soft and cuddly fabric. I usually use a fleece, flannel, Minky, or a combo of two. (If you are not familiar with Minky, it is the softest, most touchable fabric out there. When I have Minky in the house, I love to sit and stroke it. It seriously is that soft. It is a little pricey, but the great thing about this project is that it requires very little fabric.) Cut two 18 inch squares of the fabric.

You will also need a variety of ribbon. You can use as much variety as you would like. I like variety and usually have ribbon on hand, so I use lots of different colors, patterns, and sizes. I cut 3-4 inch lengths of the ribbon.
Now you fold your ribbon over and pin it in place. I used to measure when I placed the ribbon around the blanket. Now I just estimate and place it where it looks good. This time I happened to have extra ribbon pieces at the end so I just doubled up on the ribbon in some places.

Once all of your ribbons have been pinned in place, you will want to stitch around the entire blanket to secure the ribbons.

Now you will pin your two fabrics right sides together and sew around the entire blanket again. Make sure that you cannot see your first stitching line. (I used the serger to do this step.) You will also want to make sure to leave a few inches open so that you can turn your blanket right-side out.

Turn your blanket right-side out and tuck the seems of your opening to the inside. Now you will top stitch the opening shut. And you are done!


Penny said...

I love it! Thanks for the instructions.

FireStorm,I'm Molly said...

You're baby is going to love chewing on those ribbons!!!