Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Weekend; Part II

Remember this clue?

We have been busy working on the craft nook in the lower level over the past month. A few weekends ago my parents came up. Like the good kids that we are, we had a project ready for dad to tackle. He and M installed the craft nook. I have been working at getting everything in its place over the past few weeks and finally have it ready to show you. I know that there is more organizing in my future, but for now it is very functional. I was down sewing this morning and confirmed the what I had been thinking all along, "I love it."

Here is the wall of shelves for holding some of my stuff. (Does being a crafter make you a natural hoarder, or is it just me?)

And right around the corner is the wall with the work area and more storage.

And one last little nook.

I'll post more later on some of the fun organizing that I have been doing with all of my crafty stuff.

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Smith Family said...

I'm torn between being very happy for you and very jealous of you.