Monday, October 27, 2008

A Harvest Party

Our church held their annual Harvest Party this weekend. I added to the fun with carmel popcorn bags for the kids, guacamole dip, and a chocolate cake. Unfortunately I was running late and wasn't able to snap any pictures of my own. Lucky for me, I know where to find pictures of the same things online. This way I can just pretend that mine turned out as well as the original post online.
For the carmel corn, I made use of the recipe I posted in my previous Foodie Friday post. I just made two batches and put them into individual treat bags. I had intended on tying ribbon around the tops, but the whole running late thing also but the kabash on that.
I turned to my bloggie friend, Emily at Imperfect for the guacamole dip. (Thanks Emily!) I was whipping it up as I headed out the door to help set up, so I didn't taste it ahead of time. (That is the nice thing about a pot-luck. If it didn't turn out, I could have pretended that it wasn't mine.) When I had some with my supper, it was so good. I proudly claimed it as my own.
I found the cake through another blog, The Hyper Homemaker. The original recipe however was from the Country Living website. This also turned out really well. I looked at a few stores to see if I could find a plastic spider to perch on top, but didn't have any luck. It still turned out and I can't wait to have one of the left-over pieces this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Oh fun!! Looks like some great stuff! Glad the cake worked out for you! :)

Emily said...

So glad you liked the guac/salsa - I'm a big fan. In fact, I'm craving it right about now. I'm scared to try that cake - was it as hard as it looks?

Kristi said...

It isn't hard at all. You just make two rounds and then use a glaze frosting. I put some glaze between my layers and then slowly poured glaze on the top. I poured until it ran over the sides and added more where needed. Then I put melted white chocolate into a baggie and cut off the corner. I made a spiral on the cake and then made lines with a skewer. In some ways it is easier than frosting a round cake. You can do it!