Thursday, October 30, 2008

Special Visitors

We can officially say that our new house is "kid tested." We had some very special visitors this week. M's sister-in-law Jenny and her three kiddos were here to see us. We all had a wonderful time. The only problem was it was too short.
(Disclaimer: For those of you who don't know, Jenny was one of my best friends in college. Throughout college, Jenny dated her now husband who just happens to be M's brother. That is how I met M and so when I married M, I also entered Jenny's extended family. All in all, not a bad deal.)

While Jenny and I caught up, the kids enjoyed the few toys that M and I own. Their favorite by far were the plastic parachuting men that they could drop from the upstairs living room all the way to the lower level. This was followed a close second by the Bob Cat that was being used at the new house next door. (If you looked at it with binoculars it was like, "Wow!")
I had to work Wednesday morning, but the great thing about being a preschool teacher is I could just take them all along with me. Maybe now I will be known as the coolest aunt for having the best toy collection. ;o)

The only pictures I nabbed were at bedtime while M was reading to the kids. The boys love all of their uncles and can't ever get enough quality time with them.

A novel way to read a book. (Pun intended.) Also, if you look closely, you can see the Nerf darts stuck to the clock on the background.

They all wondered why we have four bedrooms. (They were counting the downstairs living room because that is where some of them slept.) I told them it was so they could come and visit anytime they wanted. (And who wouldn't want house guests as cute as this?)
Jenny informed me there were tears as they pulled out of the driveway because they all wanted one more night at our house. I guess we will just have to plan to do it again. After all, M said the house was too quiet last night with them gone.

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Smith Family said...

They did cry. You won't be surprised that the number one reason was not having enough time with M. I repeatedly reminded them we'll see you both at Thanksgiving in a few weeks but they all chose to cry until sometime after getting back on the interstate. I think that it means they love you, I know I do. :)