Monday, October 6, 2008

House Tour Part Three

Okay, now you can come up the stairs to our living room. It is an open floor plan, so you can also see the kitchen and dinning room in the distance. We'll cover those another day. The living room is painted in Homestead Resort Pumpkin from Valspar.

Picture #1) To your right you will see our little corner area. This is where we currently have the baker's rack. We would like to see some sort of large shelving unit in here eventually. We saw one made of squares that we really liked at the furniture store. Maybe M can recreate it for us someday. There is also a closet that we really use as a pantry. You can access our upstairs bath through the open door as well. This corner also houses our hutch. This hutch is a hand-me-down from my parents. It is the hutch I remember having from little on. We are working at replacing the hardware, but I think that is all that we will do. I was surprised at how good the wood matches our trim.

Picture #2) To your left is the living area. You will recognize Carmen from her previous post.

Picture #3) Our current entertainment center. M would like to get a flat screen someday. I would also like M to build some sort of narrow shelved that we could put on either side. Until then, I may just repaint the dresser and call it good.

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