Thursday, October 9, 2008

House Tour Part Six

The door to our master bedroom is located just off of the dinning area. M would prefer that it weren't and we wouldn't have to keep our bed made and room picked up. The paint is Valspar Terra Cotta Trail.

Nothing too exciting here, yet. (Can you see a theme?) I made curtains, but we didn't like how the rods we bought were hanging. So, we are looking for a different rod now. I would also like to paint the dresser that is in there. (You can't see it in the picture, but I painted it as a high schooler. It is primary colors in funky patterns right now. I would like to paint it a dark brown and maybe add a few green accents.) The quilt was a gift from my parents for our wedding. My mom is a super seamstress and quilter and made it herself. Hopefully I will get to my projects here and post more pictures later.

Here is the master/upstairs bathroom. M and my dad made the towel and robe hooks. I am thinking that we need some sort of art for the walls. I am not sure if it will be framed or painted directly on the walls.

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