Monday, June 28, 2010

Works In Progress

As I look around my house, I find more and more to add to my to do list. However, it is summer, and this is the time of year that the weather sets the schedule. If it is nice outside, you can be sure I will drop anything at hand and head outside with Little Peachy.
Here are a few things that are on my do to list presently:
1) Finish the front porch. Nothing much has happened on this front since my last post. I was able to purchase some red outdoor pillows at 50% off, however.

2) I recently added to my to do list when I found this Peachy-sized picnic table for a price I couldn't refuse! (It was out on the curb on garbage day. :o) Don't worry, we got the owners' blessing on taking it.) I have a grand vision of red for this little guy.

3) While the wet warm weather we have been having is making the garden pretty much self-sufficient at this point, it is still a work in progress. (Thankfully it has survived the strong winds, driving rain, and hail we have also received.) We had our first taste of its goodness yesterday with a yummy spinach, butter crunch, and gourmet lettuce blend salad. I can't wait to sample some more of its bounty.

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

oooo.... your lettuce looks great. The rows look so yummy.