Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Big Picture

One of the reasons I wanted to get yesterday's table runner done was to finish up a little redecorating project in our dinning area. (Although if you never had decor in the first place, I am not sure it can be called decorating.) When we moved to this house I ended up killing off almost all of our house plants. I just couldn't find a good place to keep them and they paid the price. When a friend heard that we were living sans house plants, she graciously gifted me with three new ones. (She also included the white pots I had been looking at from Ikea. Score!) The only bad part was that now I had to find a place where they wouldn't join their already departed forerunners. (Isn't is a bummer when you have to buy something to decorate with???) Since they were smaller than our old ones, I came up with the plan to install floating shelves close enough to the patio door to allow them plenty of sun. I ended up finding a set of shelves that I liked at Menards. Mr Cherry happily put them up for me. (After he informed me that I better be sure I wanted them because once he drilled for them they weren't going to be moved. Ever.) Another bonus of the new shelves is I now have a place to store the Anthropology measuring cups that I won, er bought, through a blog auction. I shopped the house for a few more items to round out the look and now have a darling plant corner in our home.
Next to the shelves is a vinyl Bible passage that I bought at Hobby Lobby. I was so happy when I found it because it is part of our wedding reading and has become a motto for our life together. Since the passage was on the small side, I added two candle sconces from Kohls to help beef it up a bit. Now that the runner is done, I am happy to say that the redecorating/decorating is complete.

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

LOL at Mr. Cherry telling you that you won't ever be moving those shelves. They look great there! I hope your plants do well. I have trouble with houseplants.