Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: Rolled Fabric Roses

These fabric rolled roses have been popping up all over lately. I figured it was about time I tried to create my own. There are lots and lots of people who have posted wonderful tutorials out there. I found this one at Everyday Chaos helpful.

Type of Tutorial: handwork/fabric
Difficulty: Basic/Beginner
Supplies: fabric strips (1 1/2- 2 inches wide, the longer the strip, the larger your flower), needle and thread, felt, hot glue gun, pin back

1. Fold your strip in half and tie a knot in one end. Begin rolling your fabric around your knot. Secure the fabric with a few stitches after you have wound around the knot a few times.
2. After securing, you can start twisting your fabric. Hold the knotted end in one hand and fold the twist the loose end. (Now your raw edge will be opposite from where you started.) Continue rolling the fabric around the knot, twisting every once in a while.
3. Stop every now and then to secure the fabric with a few stitches.
4. When you have reached your desired size, secure the end by stitching it to the bottom.
5. Cut your felt to cover the back of your rose without sticking out. Attach your flower to your felt using hot glue. (For this project I attached all three flowers to the same piece of felt, so I trimmed my felt to hold all three.)
6. Using the hot glue, attach a pin back.

I can see that the more you play around with these, the better you will get. The nice thing is that they are meant to look a bit shabby chic, so you don't have to worry about being perfect.

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

These are really cute. I really need to do something crafty, soon. This could be the ticket.

Or perhaps I should work on one of the 10 unfinished projects around here. ;)