Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We've Reached 10 Months!

Today our Little Peachy is a big (still in the upper percentiles), thriving (Except for a few colds and her ear infection, she is very healthy), smiling (she is constantly smiling at everyone she can make eyes with), scooting (still army crawling, but very proficiently), momma loving (she has problems being away from me, even if she is with her daddy), food eating (lets hope her appetite lets down soon for the grocery bill's sake), teething (her top front teeth are now in and descending), babbling (she loves to use and experiment with her voice) and screechingly happy 10 month old.
I looked down at her hands while I was nursing her yesterday and realized just how big they are. Her fingers are long and she no longer has dimples over her knuckles. They are the hands of a toddler, not the hands of a baby. Part of me is so proud of all that she has grown to be already. The other part of me gets teary eyed just thinking about it. At this stage in her life she doesn't like to let me out of her sight for very long, but I know that a time is coming when she will happily skip away from me doing her own thing.
Ah, darling little girl, keep growing in strength. Keep growing in wisdom. Keep growing in beauty. Just don't grow away from me.
(Aren't this month's pictures silly? I will see if I can grab better ones once she wakes up from her nap. Her second nap today over two hours. Not quite sure what to make of that.)


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

She's just so smiley and happy all the time. Adorable.

Anonymous said...

Breaking on the spring attire I see! <3 Auntie YA

Anonymous said...

Auntie YA can't spell. on = out