Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Cutey Purse

When M first married me he had a lot of learning to do. And it isn't what you think. He had been living on his own for a while so he knew how to do the laundry, clean a house, and make a meal. What he had a little harder time with was translating. Apparently my family has a language of its own. While our parents live within two hours of each other, it was like we were from opposite corners of the globe. I remember him struggling early on with the difference between something that was cutey and something that was cutesy. Cutey being complimentary adjective and cutesy being a derogatory adjective. However, M is a smart man and caught on quickly to most of our lingo. And what he didn't catch on to, he simply chose to chalk it up to my family's somewhat goofy nature.
Recently I used Rebekah's pattern for the Phoebe Bag. Rebekah write the blog Arsty Crafty Babe. Definitely a cutey blog and a cutey author. And look what I made! A cutey bag if I ever saw one!!

Here is a picture of the lining fabric and the pocket. (I decided to split the pocket so that my phone could be stashed on one side and other miscellany on the other.)

This is the prefect purse for when I escape the house sans Peachy. I love the fabric. It just screams that spring is on its way. Sewing the bag was quick and easy. Rebekah did an excellent job of making her tutorial clear and easy to understand. 
Want to see some other cutey Phoebe Bags? Search for photos on Flickr.
Can't sew for yourself? Check out Rebekah's cutsey Etsy shop


Emily said...

Love the fabric you chose for the entire thing - lining and all! Great shape, too.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Thanks for sharing! I love how it turned out and I love that it's a little bigger so it would be great for a daily bag.

Gotta try to make it now. =)