Monday, March 1, 2010

A New Look

Can you tell by the changes I made to my blog over the weekend that I am ready for spring? This long winter finally hit me. All of the snow. All of the cold. All of the days stuck inside. I am ready to bid winter adieu. 

It was feeling quite tropical here this weekend. You know, sunny, no wind, and in the upper 20s. Yes folks, that is tropical here after the winters we have in these parts. (Would you believe that the ice and snow were melting?? Not only that, but I wore my light weight jacket out several times. Ahhh.) 

We even took Little Peachy out for a frolic in the fresh air and snow. She thoroughly enjoyed sitting on top of the crusty, dirty snow pile in the front of our house. (She did not thoroughly enjoy getting bundled up to go out, however. And her snowsuit is starting to get a little small on her. Good thing winter is all but over. Right winter?!!!)

1 comment:

Emily said...

I'll take the flowers, please! Peachy is so cute enjoying her snow, though - makes winter look a little less blah.