Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fun O the Irish

I am proud to say that mingled in with my German heritage I do have a smigion of Scotch-Irish in me. And what a better day to celebrate those few drops of blood than St Patty's Day? (Well, actually the weekend before St Patty's Day.)
This weekend I lured my little sister to our home with the promise of attending the local St Patty's Day events. While we didn't make it to the parade, we did catch some music and dancing.

 And what would a St Patty's Day celebration be without a little plaid kilt and some Irish ghillie tights

While I do believe Peachy thoroughly enjoyed her get-up, I also think that next year she would appreciate some fancier duds. (See how she is eying up the dancers' bling?)

Our Saint Patty's Day fare does not consist of everyday food colored green, no way. Instead we enjoy corned beef, cabbage, and Guinness. You know, the kind of food that'll put hair on ye chest.

Don't worry, we didn't fill Peachy's sippy with Guinness.

Even though she does a pretty good drunken Irishman.

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Anonymous said...

She's the cutest little 1/8 Scotch-Irish girl I've ever seen! Can't wait to hug her in person soon.