Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Adventures in Parenthood

Well, we started off the week with Peachy's first non-well baby doctor visit. She has a cold that has migrated to her chest and I didn't like the sound of her cough. We were able to get into her pediatrician Monday morning. (Wonder of wonders, miracle or miracles.) After checking in, the receptionist gifted Peachy with her very own little face mask. At least she was realistic and said that if she wouldn't keep it on I could just cover her mouth when she coughed. Peachy surprised me and left it on long enough for me to take this quick picture with my cell phone. Now she has a fun new toy! (Do you like my "I am not one of those mothers who photographs her baby with a face mask on at the doctor's office" look?)

The good doctor figures she has RSV. Her oxygen levels were near perfect, she has no fever, she is sleeping and eating well. Pretty much the doctor asked why I was even there. Needless to say, she is handling it well and will not need to be admitted to the hospital. He did, however, find out that she has an ear infection. Surprise! So, she is on antibiotics to clear that up. Have you ever gotten a child's prescription filled at Target? It is pretty cool.

They have color coded bands for the bottle, choose your own flavoring, and they give you a medicine syringe that fits neatly into the top of the bottle. Leave it to Target to make giving medicine to your children fun!

 I hope that you are all good and healthy!!!


Emily said...

Poor Peachy, I hope she's feeling better soon! I switched to Target in college just to get the color-coded prescription bottles - in that time I've needed a prescription filled once.

Shannon said...

Love the pic, too funny. Im sorry Peachy is sick, hope she is on the mend. And thats about the coolest med dispensers, how fun!