Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dare to DIY Blog Party with the NewlyWoodwards: Dare to be Thankful

When someone double dog dares me to be creative, I have a hard time turning it down. So, the Dare to Do it Yourself Blog Party with the Woodwards was a challenge that I gladly accepted. The first week's theme is Dare to be Thankful! It didn't take me long to come up with an idea. (I needed something to replace the Halloween decor on our kitchen table anyway.) Here is what I came up with:

Give Thanks Clay Pot Centerpiece/Garland

1) Print the words GIVE and THANKS onto fall colored cardstock. (I also printed the size of circle I was going to be punching in a very light grey so that I could line up my punch more easily later.) Punch each letter with a circle punch. Then punch some patterned paper with a circle scallop punch.

2) Use double stick tape to attach the letters to the scallops. (I also punched some scallops out of the plain paper and some circles out of the patterned paper to make spacers.)

3) If you are going to be making the centerpiece, attach sticks to the back of the scallops. (I again used double stick tape and then put a scallop on top of the stick, making a sandwich. I used some bamboo skewers that we had in the kitchen.)
If you are going to make the garland, punch a set of slotted holes int he tops of each scallop. (I made a template to punch through so that I got the holes in the same places on each.)

4) If making the centerpiece, place a chunk of foam in the bottom of the clay pot. Cover the foam with something. (I used some shredded paper that I had on hand. You could use raffia, moss, or whatever else you have available.) Insert the sticks into the foam. (I need to play with my arrangement yet so that letters aren't covering each other up. I plan on doing this when I get it up onto the table.)
If making the garland, weave a length of ribbon through the holes punched in the tops of the scallops. Leave extra ribbon on each end to make bows.

And now for a surprise!! I will be giving away the two garlands that I made. Simply leave a comment on my blog or on Facebook for a chance to win. I will be randomly selecting two entries on Thursday, November 19th. (Be sure to leave your comment before then!! And be sure to leave a way for me to contact you if you win.)


Brian and Ashley said...

I love that you put them in a clay pot. It makes it so much more Thanksgivingy. I would love them in cupcakes too :)

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I LOVE it. How clever. I think I need to try the whole words in a pot thing. Very cute and looks to be prety simple.

Love love love the garlands. You are s generous. Thanks for joining in this week. I loved seeing what you came up with.

Sara said...

I love the clay pot idea. If I find enough time this week I may try that one here. I would love to win the garland, if I get chosen. I'd also like you to send me a little of your creativity. You know where to find me.

Emily said...

The flower pot is so clever! And I love your banner - it's like little polka dots of thankfulness!

Nikki said...

I really like the flower pot! Very cute.