Tuesday, November 3, 2009

C-Y-O: Halloween Costume

Did you see Little Peachy's Halloween costume? I think that she is cute enough in it that I can post it again.

(Don't be alarmed by the disembodied lady bug below. I just figured you might want a closer look at all of the pieces.)

Remember my Dollar Spot finds? I used the two pair of black tights in the costume. One pair was worn the traditional way, on the legs. The other pair donated its legs for the cause. I purchased a long-sleeved red t-shirt which I then removed the sleeves. (Doesn't seem to make much sense, but stick with me here.) I took the extra pair of tights and cut the legs off following the original sleeve lines. I then surged the tight legs onto the shirt as new sleeves. (I wish that I had taken pictures as I went, but I didn't. You will just have to try to imagine it in your head.) I made a hat out of black fleece. The hat pattern had two extensions on the top that I tied into knots for antennae. I used the fleece scraps to make dots for the shirt. (I used Heat and Bond Lite and then straight stitched around each dot.) The costume could have been complete at this point, but I found this pattern on Etsy and knew that the shoes would really finish it off.

(I may now have a minor obsession with sewing baby shoes because of that pattern.) I only wish that I could dress Peachy in the costume more, but I am not sure what people would think of a Little Lady bug parading around town.