Tuesday, November 10, 2009

6 Months Old!!!

I know that every parent out there says this, but here I am joining in. "Where did my little baby go?" I was repacking some clothes this weekend and found her newborn stuff. Wow! It really is hard to remember when she was that little. It is equally hard to believe that she has been in our lives (where we can touch and see her) for half a year!!
Little Peachy is becoming more and more active everyday. Getting her to sit nicely in church has become quite the struggle. (She just wants to talk to Pastor during the sermon, play with the hymnal (aka eat it), and sing during the prayers.) She is able to sit nicely on her own. (That is until she sees a toy that she wants and makes a mad grab for it forgetting that she is balancing. I figure she is learning all about gravity.) She LOVES her solid food. She sits there in her highchair like a baby birdie with her mouth open waiting for the next bite. She also has caught on to drinking with a sippy cup. (This is really good when she stays home with her dad and decides not to take the bottle.)
I really find her amusing. She can be a little crazy woman at times. She especially likes to get wild and woolly right before bed on her changing table. Her arms start going and then her legs start going and then the shouting begins. M said that she is trying to show us that she isn't tired and doesn't need to go to bed.
She really is the light of our lives. And I really can't imagine our family without her.


Emily said...

Little Peachy makes me want a baby. I love her little smile - and how she's playing with her foot. I love when babies play with their feet.

Kristi said...

Aw, thanks Emily. She sure brings smiles to our faces everyday.