Thursday, January 31, 2013

This and That . . .

My sewing machine and I have been very close lately. Between getting ready for a show, personal projects, projects for friends, and gifts there has been no shortage of quality time spent down in my craft area. Thankfully, the girls are at a good age for allowing me chunks of time to get things accomplished. That's not to say that I am not refereeing arguments  finding toys, and getting snack, but they do allow me to get things accomplished.

I have also been super motivated lately. That helps a ton. It is really amazing what you can all get done in the day if you just keep doing. As a stay at home parent it is easy to just get the basics done and not do anything else in the day. And some days that is what you need to do, but other days it is fun to see how many little items you can get checked off of those many to-do lists.

Peachy is so good at amusing herself. She is always creating and coming up with imaginative play. It is fun to see where that play takes her. She has had some really good sayings lately as well. The other day we were talking about when you get married and why. I of course told her you get married when you are a grown up and love someone so much you want to spend the rest of your lives together. She accepted that, but then countered with, "Or you can get married to get your kids." The other day while we were diving there was a school bus stopped in front of us. She wanted to know why we were stopped and I explained that it is the law to keep kids safe. We talked about how we wouldn't want to hit anyone with our van. "Well, they can always go to the doctor, though mom." Cause, you know, that would make it all better.
As for Cream, she is turning more into Cream everyday. Her favorite word is no. She will say it and say it and say it. I am sure it is because she hears it and hears it and hears it. She has been showing some interest in using the toilet lately. So far she just likes to sit on the special chair in the bathroom that she usually isn't allowed to play with. The other day though, I caught her in time to make her poop on the potty. One less diaper for me to change! She also found a pair of Cream's underwear sitting around recently. (Don't ask. It happens.) She actually got them on part way and really thought she was big stuff running around the house with them over her pants. This morning she was bound and determined to get her own pants on. She had the concept down, but just didn't quite have the coordination. If I so much as pulled them up an inch, she would yank them off and start all over all the while saying, "No. No. No." I think we are in big trouble with that one.
We had a couple of nice days at the beginning of the week. (Remember that nice for us means above zero!) It was calm and we got some fresh snow. Peachy loves playing out in the snow, but Cream not so much. Cream does enjoy being pulled around in the sled. And it is a good thing that she has a nice big sister that is willing to do that for a bit while momma shovels.

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Lisa said...

Wait, what?!? They let you sew without bugging you? I am shocked by this!

Anyway, the snow pictures are adorable! I can't believe we have not had any snow yet in Chicago. I'm happy about it, but I would like to play outside...just once!