Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cream: 16 months going on 3 Years

Oh my! Little baby Cream is no longer so little and no longer a baby, although I still like to call her "my baby." At the end of last month, she up and turned 16 months, but don't tell her that. I am pretty sure she thinks she is at least three years old if not older. My youngest little lady is full of spunk and can be as stubborn as they come. However, she is also full of affections and is often sweet as can be.
Over our Christmas trip she decided that she no longer wants mom or dad or anyone else to feed her. She can do it all by herself, thank you. And she does a pretty good job at it too.
She had been so sweetly saying "eese" (meaning please) when she wanted something. It was so much more pleasant than the grunting she had been tending toward. However, she must have decided that manners were overrated and now rarely says please, even when we try to make her before giving her something. She would much rather throw an all out fit than let that "eese" word pass between her lips.
She received her first baby doll for Christmas from her father and I. She was so excited to see a "baba" when she opened her package. She will walk around and pat her baby, feed her baby, and wrap her baby up in blankies. So sweet. In fact, later at Christmas, when her sister opened another gift containing a baby, she wouldn't let anyone continue with anything until that baby was out of the box. "Baba!" "Baba!" And is she sees a real baby, she will bend down and talk and talk to the little person. So darling.
She still loves to climb and will pull herself up onto almost anything. I can't imagine that it feels good on her ribs, but she is so determined. I do have to keep a careful eye on her.
And she is always pretty proud of herself when she reaches her goal. And despite all of her spunk, she will still demand to be picked up and cuddled by her momma. She will wrap her little arms around me and give a strong squeeze and add a little grunt in for emphasis. All of that love totally makes up for the little spitfire in her.

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Lisa said...

Awww, your little girl is so grown up! I'm very impressed with the "eese" you got her to say. We're still working on that one and I still haven't heard it. She can come give Connor some lessons on being polite :)