Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Little of the Peachster

This little girl that came into our hearts and lives over three years ago is growing up. A parent's job is a funny thing when you think about it. You are given these helpless creatures that you are entirely responsible for and asked to make them completely independent. All the while caring for every aspect of their life. If you do your job well, they will need you less and less every year and eventually you will essentially lose your job.

My "little girl" is growing up so fast and becoming such a fun girl. (But don't worry, when she is "ascared" or hurt, she still needs her momma.) She is utterly creative. It is so much fun to see the little drawings that she creates and watch her add more and more detail. She loves to sing and dance as well as play dress up. I love some of the outfits she comes up with out of the dress up bins. (I really need to get better at having a camera around to grab a picture of some of those fabulous frocks.)

She is also a dreamer. This has its pluses and minuses. There are so many times in the day that I have to encourage her to focus on the task at hand like getting ready to head out the door. However, she can  wile away the entire day in her own creative world of play.

We are currently taking a community family play class once a week and she absolutely loves it and looks forward to going to class all week long. She also is in Sunday School this year at our church. It is so enjoyable for Mr. Cherry and I to watch her faith grow along with her understanding of the Bible. No greater joy.
And one last Peachy story to close out this entry. The other night Mr. Cherry and I were debating whether Cream needed a diaper change. Peachy walked up to Cream, sniffed her bottom, and said, "Nope, she isn't stinky. She smells like marshmallows."


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Lisa said...

Haha! I love the marshmallow story and that last photo of her in the firry hat is adorable!

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