Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What Peachy and Cream Wore Wednesday (III)

I am excited to bring you the third installment of what Peachy (and Cream) wore Wednesday. You can look back at some of Peachy's other fabulous ensembles here and here.
The dress up boxes have been getting hit hard in these last few weeks around here. I should make myself always have a camera at my side so I could document all of the girls' creations. Peachy is the definite leader in the dress up department, but Cream is a good student.
 In this first outfit, you will see Peachy modeling her Dora dress up outfit which she has chosen to layer with her petti-skirt in an unusual one shoulder look. The outfit is nicely accentuated with a puppy dog ear headband and pink high hell dress up shoes.
Our second look for the day is brought to you by Cream and her styling sense. Here she is wearing a star skirt over her one piece outfit. She has chosen to wear a baseball cap backward and over her eyes. Her accessories of choice are her father's belts worn draped over her shoulders.
I can see careers in fashion design in their futures. Watch for the Peachy and Cream line at a store near you in the year 2033.

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Lisa said...

Haha! I love these so much! :)