Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Shower for Baby Cream

**Don't forget!! Baby Week is coming!!**
My wonderful friends recently threw me and Baby Cream a surprise shower. It was scheduled as a regular playdate, but as soon as I pulled into the driveway I knew something was up. I was right on time and everyone else was there already. Apparently I should have warned Peachy. She didn't have the best reaction when we walked in the door to everyone yelling "surprise!"
There were plenty of cute decorations and favors!
M and M favor jars
Cream Soda, Straw, and Candy Necklace Favor
Tissue Paper Pom-Poms
Baby Cream Banner and Itsy Bitsy Baby Clothes
What shower would be complete without yummy treats?? There were cream puffs, cookies and cream cookies, eclairs, and lots of delicious Mexican food!!
Can you see the pictures on the table? They are my pregnancy pictures from the blog and ultrasound pictures. So sweet.
Check out these adorable, edible pacifiers!!
Of course, the day was even more wonderful being surrounded by great friends and their children!

Thanks, ladies, for the wonderful surprise, great friendship, and all of the great baby loot!! You are all the best!


Amy said...

What a wonderful blessing! Looks like you have some amazing friends who follow after your creative heart! I love the cream theme! You know I just got the "Peaches and Cream" part. : )

Emily said...

What great friends! And a cute shower - how much fun!

Sara said...

I agree with Amy, what a wonderful group of friends and support system you have there! (But I did get the Peaches and Cream part a long time ago) Looks like a wonderful party for a baby that is already very loved.