Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pin It! Barrettes

Have I mentioned my love for Pinterest? Oh, I have, well, I just thought that I would mention it again. (By the way, if you would like to follow me, you can find me here: Bowl of Cherrys at Pinterest I know that I am not the only one, either! I have introduced a few of my friends to Pinterest and we all love it. In fact, I think our husbands may need a support group for spouse's of Pinterest addicts. We have actually started to get together a couple times a month to work on our Pinterest projects. While the children happily play, us moms get down to the business of crafting. We all try to pick a similar project to work on so that we can share supplies. (Quite often we also bring Pinterest recipes to share.) So far we have done wreaths, coaster, and most recently barrettes. I will try to get pictures of everyone else's projects, but for today here are the barrettes that I made along with the Pinterest link.

1. and 3. Cereal Box Bow
2. Ric Rac Flower
4. Flower Barrettes from Make Bows and More
5. Pinwheel Barrette

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