Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baby Week Day Four

Are you ready for some more cuddly goodness? After having Peachy, we learned the importance of a good swaddle. We also learned that I am not very good at using the traditional receiving blanket as a swaddling device. So we invested in a Miracle Blanket. And let me tell you, it was a miracle! I decided with this baby that I would try to make my own swaddling blankets. I searched the internet and saved several tutorials to Pinterest. I ended up deciding to use the original Prudent Baby DIY Swaddle Blanket Pattern. (Note, they also have a revised version here.)
I dipped into my fabric stash and came out with these two cuties.

And while I don't know if Cream will be a swaddle baby and I don't know how well this particular swaddler works, I do know that they are cute!
Can't you just see the little baby head peaking out now?!!


Emily said...

Very cute! With my beginning of summer baby, I ended up using a muslin blanket for swaddling because all the swaddle wraps we had were fleece or heavy material, but with these you could make them any weight you choose!

April said...

Awe! These are super adorable!

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