Monday, April 26, 2010

Updating Peachy's Room

A while back I stumbled across this picture from the Real Simple website.
Isn't that a great way to jazz up a nursery room dresser? 
I had to give it a try in Little Peachy's room. 
Here is Peachy showing us the before.
Here is the after with new knobs and ribbon. (I ran out. Bummer. Don't worry I'll buy more and finish the project soon.)
Here is a close up of the ribbons. (I decided to cut mine shorter than the RS picture out of sheer practicality.)
Here is what Peachy decided to do while I switched out the knobs and added the ribbons. Yes, she is stuck in a wooden close rack. Yes, she removed the items that had been drying on the rack. Yes, I got my camera and took pictures before rescuing her. Yes, she amuses me too.

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Emily said...

Very cute! The ribbons AND Peachy :)