Monday, April 12, 2010

11 Months of Fun!

Little Peachy is now a big 11 month old! She is less of a baby and more of a toddler everyday. (However, she still lacks the one true toddler characteristic--toddling. I am more than okay with that, too.) For a while there, her big developments seemed to be at a stand-still while she honed what she had already learned. These past few weeks have changed that. While she has yet to crawl on hands and knees, she still gets around. She is quick and doesn't let much get in her way. (I love watching her little butt stick up in the air and her little feet kick, kick, kick as she gets up and over.) She had tuned into quite the talker. Today at the grocery store she was literally yelling. I had to keep telling her to be quite and whisper. (Yeah, that did a lot of good.) While she has been saying mama and dada for a while now, I wasn't sure if she was actually referring to us or just forming the sounds. Lately she has very clearly been saying "mom" in a fashion that does seem to refer to me. I am this close to declaring her first word to be mom, this close. And boy does this little girl come with a personality. She is constantly amusing me with silly little things that she does. She can get quite upset and stubborn about things that she wants, but what soon to be one-year-old isn't? She has been demonstrating an understanding and obedience for the word no as of late. (We'll see how long that lasts, huh?) While she has been sitting unassisted for months, she just recently began sitting up on her own. One of my favorite new tricks is that she has learned to clap. Seeing her little hands precisely come together is so much fun. (I have some video I will try to remember to post later of her clapping for cheesecake. Yup, she is my little girl.)

Mama and Dada love you, Little Peachy.

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