Friday, April 2, 2010

Foodie Friday: Freshly Loaded Quesadillas

These are the BEST quesadillas that I have ever eaten! They were so yummy and with all of the veggies, they have got to be the best for you, too. This recipe was in my techno menu for March from The Mother Huddle.

-shredded cheese
-cooked and cubed chicken
-diced tomato
-diced zucchini
-diced onion
-minced cilantro
-diced red pepper
-chopped spinach

Place large tortilla in heated skillet. Add toppings. Place a second tortilla on top. Once the bottom tortilla is browned, gently flip the quesadilla over. Continue cooking until second tortilla is lightly browned.
We topped ours with fresh salsa from one of the local Mexican restaurants in town. I was also planning on making guacamole, but none of the avocados were ripe at the store. I am sure that sour cream would also be a good topping.

**I have a quesadilla maker. I decided that this particular quesadilla would be too thick to cook properly in the maker. I wish that I would have tried the maker because I burnt the first one that I made and made and had technical difficulties when it came to flipping the second. They were still delicious, so in the end it probably doesn't matter.**

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The Mother Huddle said...

I am so happy you like them as much as I do. I never would have dreamed adding veggies could actually improve a quesadilla. Thanks for the shout out. Maria