Thursday, April 1, 2010

Options . . .

I picked up this shirt off the clearance rack at Target, too. (Only this one comes with a secret. I'll see if any of you can guess.)
It came looking pretty much like this. (Minus the riffle. Plus about three inches at the hem.)
I really did contemplate just hemming it up and wearing the Cleopatra bib with it. I even had it on once all ready to go out, but just couldn't do it. I think it looks like something a Miley Cyrus fan would wear to one of her concerts. I know some 30 year old mamas could rock it, but I am obviously not in this category.
So, I took some of the fabric I had cut off from the bottom, ruffled it, and sewed it on to the neckline.
Ah, now there is something that I can wear.
***Ugh, seeing these pictures makes me realize it is time to start doing some sit-ups. Bikini season is around the corner, you know. ;o)***


Emily said...

You are so cute! I've been meaning to do this with plain t-shirts, I just can't pay JCrew prices for a cute ruffled shirt. But I'm having trouble finding good colors for me this season - I'm about to buy a bunch of good basic white tees, some white knit fabric and a bunch of dye!

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

i do love what you did to it. i think it's cuter that way. but i still think you could have pulled off the bib necklace.