Monday, February 1, 2010

Homemade Christmas Gift #4

Potholders. I knew that I wanted to make potholders. I needed potholders to go with the cookie mix that I was giving to the members of our playgroup. I needed to make these potholders. I had several patterns. The only problem was that they involved binding. I can do binding. (I mean I do quilt and all, but it just seemed like so much work.) And then I found a tutorial for these easy, peasy and cute potholders. I would love to share the tutorial with you, but it has disappeared. I will do my best to explain how to make these on my own.

1. Cut five 8 inch squares of fabric. (I used two different fabrics. You could use one fabric, or even five.) Cut one 8 inch square
of Insul-bright.
2. Press four of the squares diagonally in half with wrong sides together, creating four triangles.
3. Place the Insul-Bright square on the bottom. Place 8 inch square right side up on the Insul-Bright.
4. Start placing the triangles on top of the fabric square. Place each triangle in a corner with raw edges on the raw edges of the square. Overlap each triangle as you go. Pin thoroughly to avoid slipping.
5. Stitch with a quarter inch seam allowance around the square.
6. Trim the corners and turn triangles over to the back of the Insul-Bright.

I gave myself permission to go Sandra Lee and do a semi-homemade gift. I made the potholders and then bought packages of cookie mix from the grocery store. This saved me some much needed time as I was still working on these the morning I brought them to playgroup.


Smith Family said...

Cute! I'm with you on the binding, it's my least favorite part of quilting. I'm thinking maybe I could make some of these in Valentine's fabric for a few teachers I know. :o) Thanks for the great idea.

Amy said...

I made some pot holders like this for Christmas gifts too. Very easy and super cute. I love the fabric you choose.