Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Caption Contest

Do you have it in you? 
Are you feeling lucky? 
Did you answer yes? 
Then you should try your penning (or should I say typing) some witty captions for these recent pictures of Little Peachy.











Here's the fine print:
1. You must leave a comment on my blog. For those of you reading this over at Facebook, just click on this link and then click on the comment link at the bottom of the post. If you don't have a blogger account, make sure and identify yourself. (It is a bit tricky figuring out who anonymous is.)
2. Your comment must be registered by 8 am CST Thursday, February 25th.
3. There may just be something in it for the winner.

1 comment:

Charlene said...

Charlene here. How old is your little one by now. Such cute pictures and such cute shoes! Are you losing your snow with mild temps, too. We had a bunch of days of sunshine with mild spring-like temps. What a treat! You are apparently digging right into the cooking business. Do you watch the cooking channel? My husband does and he's getting really good! I'm still draggin'! Have another doc appointment soon. Am taking in some info that I've picked up from friends and the internet. Don't know if I fit the pattern, but its worth a try. I have a bunch of projects going nad could use your help!! My mind once more can create, but my body doesn't want to tolerate the standing to cut, etc. We're celebrating our 50th in the ministry and wedding anniversary in June. So I'm trying to make "beach bags" for all the grandchildren (we're spending three days at a water park in the Dells with the family) I want to make an anniversary quilt with a photo, etc. and I'm trying to get a "challenge" project done by April 26-27 for our local quilt show! It all sounds so good in my head, but getting it done is another thing! Oh well.....
Give you little one a hug for me and enjoy her all the time. THey grow up so fast. I'm sure everyone tells you that, and it's so true. We don't even have grandbabies any more. they're all grown up. We do have a couple of step great granddaughters in Texas and Atlanta area that we never get to see, even in pictures! When I see babies now they are so precious! Not that I'd want to go through that part of life again. When I see a Mom struggling with a couple of unruly kids in the store, I look at my husband and say,"I'm so glad I'm past that." I get tired just thinking of handling tired, crying kids! etc.
But I love them. So enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

I'd better get to something else. I do enjoy your blog! CHarlene