Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You've Come a Long Way, Baby: 9 Months

Last Wednesday Little Peachy turned 9 months old. She and I celebrated with the stomach flu. (I wouldn't recommend it.) Now that we are just battling colds, I decided it was high time I got her nine month post written and her nine month chair picture taken.

It is hard to believe that Peachy has been "out" for as many months as she was "in."  (It is crazy what a fickle friend time can be. The nine months I was pregnant and waiting to meet our little one dragged on and on. The nine months since I first laid eyes on Peachy have flown by and I don't see it slowing down any time soon.)

I can't help but marvel at the transformation that has taken place in those 18 months. Peachy has gone from the size of the tip of a pen to 20 pounds. She has gone from one single cell to a jabbering, scooting little girl. Watching her develop before our eyes is truly an indescribable experience. I can't help but think of the Bible passage, "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."

At Nine Months Little Peachy:
-is very proficient in the army crawl. It is pretty crazy to see how fast and how far she can go while scooting around on her tummy. She has conquered many terrains, but has not yet crossed the carpet/laminate floor divide from our living room to our kitchen. It is like a invisible wall for her. And although she hasn't attempted to go by the stairs, a baby gate will soon be installed.
-loves anything that is new. If she hasn't seen it before, she needs to test it out. Unfortunately this often means things that are not meant for babies. She will quickly scoot across a room once she lays eyes on a cord or other interesting item.
-no longer sleeps in a swaddle. A few weeks after our Christmas vacation, we stopped swaddling. It was obviously time as she usually sleeps 12 hours straight at night without us needing to go in to her room. It amuses me that the little girl who hated tummy time often ends up sleeping on her tummy.
-is very determined. It is amazing how much physical strength the little string bean has when she has her mind set on something. Unfortunately she lets us know when we stand in her way.
-is getting more and more vocal. Our little girl is turning into a jabberer. I love hearing her little voice, especially when she is "singing."
-has five teeth. She has three in the middle of the bottom and one on each side of the top. I don't think that she is working on any others right now, but it is hard to tell. She is not a big fan of me poking around in her mouth.
-hates getting her face washed and nose wiped. Be prepared for a fight when you near her face with a washcloth, Kleenex, or bulb syringe.
-is a lovable sweetheart how is the joy of my life.


Emily said...

I never thought of 9 month birthday as the same amount of time out as in - that's a huge milestone! And she's gorgeous as always!

CLML said...

Hi--I'm a friend of Shannon's and I always keep tabs on how little Peachy is doing. She is so adorable and getting so big so fast! Her stats remind me very much of my DD--sounds like they have very similar little personalities. Happy 9 months Peachy!