Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It Is the Future . . . The Year 2010

First of all, how on earth is it 2010 already? Do you remember all of the hype with the last changing of a decade? Big, bad Y2K? Funny how a whole decade had slipped past and a new one has slipped in, just like that.

Lately I have been thinking about how much has changed over the past couple of decades. (In fact, this past decade involved so many changes for me it deserves its own post entirely.) Just think of this thing we are using right now--the internet. Here I am in my home typing up my thoughts and with one little click I will be able to publish my thoughts to the world. (Well, anyone who care to read them in the world.) Normally I use to internet for something during most of my waking hours. I know that I could live without it. (In fact, I did when I was younger. I didn't have home internet access until M and I had been married for about a year. Crazy, huh?) I know that the world would not come to an end if the internet ceased to exist. I also know that my life would change drastically. Some of that change good, some not so good.

Do you ever think about what advances will be made in technology in the future. For instance, what will the year 2020 hold? Or, when Little Peachy is entering high school, what will her world be like in comparison to the world I entered almost two decades ago?

M recently got a smart phone through/for work. Through this phone we can access the internet anywhere we get a signal. (And with America's Most Reliable Wireless Network on our side, there aren't many places we don't get that signal.) Driving in the car and want to know the weather forecast instantly? Look it up on the phone. Out shopping and want to see if you can get a better deal somewhere else? Look it up on the phone. Waiting at the airport and wondering if your flight will be on time? Ask the phone. Need directions to the nearest pizza place? Ask the phone. Oh and if you need to call someone while you are out and about, you can do that too.

When you stop and actually think about, it is amazing what we can do with technology today.

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