Thursday, January 28, 2010

Double Trouble

Did you know that I think of you, my blog readers, often throughout my days? As I go about my daily life, I find myself mentally writing up blog entries about it's different events. Obviously I don't always take the time to "put pen to paper." (Hence the lack of posts the past few days.) Between the nasty weather and Peachy's nasty cold we haven't been venturing out much as of late. You would think that would leave all of the time in the world for blogging, but I have actually been very productive in other areas.
I am working at cleaning the entire house. I know, quite the exciting project, right? The odd thing is that go about our daily lives it isn't staying clean. (Odd, no?) This is where a maid would sure come in handy. We are also working on the office/spare room. We sold the futon that I bought for my first apartment and are replacing it with one of those nice, raised air beds. (I am talking this thing up so that friends and family will still want to come and stay with us.) We also got rid of the bulky computer desk and will eventually be getting rid of the desktop computer that was in there. The hope is to build bookshelves in there and unpack our books. We may even get some items up on the walls down there. (Yes, we have lived in this house for 1.5 years. Yes we should already be moved in, but we would hate to rush into things.) The other major project is organizing my craft area down there. Christmas hit that place like a tornado. I am hoping that the organization will allow for more productivity in the craft/sewing department. (This is a bit challenging these days since Little Peachy has found out how to move with a purpose. She has been quite the helper on the organization front.)
Also, I have been filling some of my time with another baby. (Don't worry, I am just borrowing one.) I have agreed to watch a friend's three month old when they need the help since my friend is going back to work. So far The Little Monkey has come over twice. She hasn't been all that happy to see Peachy and I either time. On her first visit She only slept and cried. And every time that she cried, Peachy would look at her and start crying, too. Last time, The Little Monkey managed a few happy moments with us and Peachy was much more, well, peachy with the whole situation. Monkey is coming by again today. I think we will aim for 50% happiness this time.

See, I even had enough happy time to take a picture.
So, I leave you to go back to my productivity. (A friend told that me that she added blogging to her to-do list and so that makes blogging productive, too. Not a bad idea.) Just know that I am thinking of you!

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Sara said...

I write blog posts in my head throughout the day, and I don't even have a blog. So I can only imagine how much you must do it. Sounds like you are doing some pretty fun things in your house. I have a whole list in my head of things I would like to do to ours. If only I could get the time and budget to fit my plans.