Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fly the Friendly Skies

With stroller, three roller suitcases, and diaper bag in tow, we headed off to fly the friendly skies this Christmas. Both M and I wondered how Little Peachy would handle the flight. The deck seemed to be stacked against us. She was coming off of a few rough nights, our flights were both delayed once we got to our gate, and our first flight was full to the brim.
However, Peachy pleasantly surprised us. The little girl who never sleeps when there is something interesting going on around her, slept peacefully on her father's lap through de-icing and our first take-off. The little girl who never settles down to nurse when there is the slightest noise, nursed during the second take-off and then fell asleep on my lap. The little girl who loves people would wait to make eye-contact with her fellow passengers and reward them with a huge grin. We were able to get our own row on the second flight as it wasn't as full as the first. Which allowed us all a little more space. And despite the fact that we had carefully selected non-noisy airplane toys, she was happy sucking the strings on my sweatshirt and playing with my scarf.
If you want to see the good nature in people, fly with an infant. People will stop their hustling and bustling to help with the stroller at security. People will kindly let you jump in line ahead of them during boarding. They will even let you off of the plane ahead of them!!! And they will compliment your infant to no end when they expect to hear a screaming baby and instead are able to enjoy a happy one.

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Emily said...

I'm glad people were nice to you! I go out of my way to help and be nice to people flying with [cranky] babies - I figure in a few years I'll be wanting the same!