Monday, September 14, 2009

A Third of a Year

Little Peachy turned four months old last week! Wow how the time has flown! It is so much fun watching her grow and develop. She is definitely the apple of our eye.

She really likes to be sitting up and standing up. Of course, she is not able to do this on her own yet, but she sure does let us know that is what she wants. She will use her ab muscles to pull herself up out of a lap. She will also straighten her legs and make them stiff as a board when she wants to be standing. We call her our little bobble-head doll.
Along with this large muscle development comes a acceptance and sometimes even joy over tummy time. It is short lived, but much better than the instant anger it used to bring. She will boost her head and shoulders up and hold them for a few seconds and then face plant into the blanket.

Her fine motor skills are also developing. She reaches out and grabs onto anything within her reach. And boy, does she have a firm grip when she wants to. (Just ask her dad about her grabbing onto his arm hair.) M is working with her on putting her pacifier into her mouth on her own. She sure does come close. Most of the time her hands are busy working at getting the pacifier out, though.

She loves to talk when the mood strikes. She often wakes up talking in her crib. (That is how I know that she got a good nap in. If she wakes up crying, I know I had better try to get her back to sleep.) She still loves to "say" hug and gee. I think that we should work on putting those two sounds together and making some money off of her as a Huggies spokes baby. She also "says" hi. One morning I turned on the monitor to see if she was awake yet. As soon as the sound came through, we clearly heard, "hi."

Unfortunately she has developed her parents' love for the television. I had her on her blanket the other day facing away from the tv while I sat on the floor next to her reading a magazine. I looked up to find her twisted around and halfway rolled over so that she could see the tv. At first I just laughed at her determination. Then I realized that she had almost rolled herself over. I am sure the full roil over will be coming soon. (She just has to figure out how to tuck her shoulder and arm in.)

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