Thursday, September 24, 2009

Camping with a Baby

Call us crazy. Call us adventurous. Call us admirable. Call us what you will. We took our four month old tent camping and lived to tell about it. (I would go as far as to say, enjoyed it.)

We have been camping with babies before, they just weren't ours and we therefore did not have full responsibility for them. Sure we did our share of holding and listening to crying, but at the end of the day we went to our tent and they went to theirs. Not this time, though.

Little Peachy is a lover of the outdoors which for the most part helped us out. Unfortunately she was so infatuated with her surroundings that she forgot all about the need for sleep. This did not bode well for her overall mood, but a few cat naps got her through until the major meltdown on the way home. The poor little thing cried and cried and cried until 20 minutes from home when sleep won out.

M and I enjoyed the great outdoors as well. There is nothing better than stripping life down to the bare necessity of just plain surviving. For some reason we find cooking over a campfire and having to heat water to do the dishes relaxing and fun.

We even managed to sneak in a few hikes. All in all, a wonderful weekend.
And I didn't even have to resort to the Gilmore Girls season of dvds that I had brought along just in case I ended up spending an inordinate amount of time in the van! (And your thought dvd players in vans were for children.)

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the "share of holding listening to crying" prepped you for a good first trip with Peachy! Thanks for camping with us even WITH our three kiddos!