Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Fresh Start

Little Peachy's diaper rash had cleared up over the weekend so it was back to cloth diapers yesterday. Back to cloth diapers and back to the diaper rash. At least it was easy to determine what is giving her the rash. Only one day of cloth and the red, bumpy rash was back all over her little bottom. She is in disposables, again, while the rash clears up, again.

I decided that the cloth diapers must be harboring bacteria. I washed them all today and have them hanging out on a drying rack in the backyard. Yes, I am being a rebel and breaking our neighborhood covenants to save my daughter's sore bottom. Got a problem with that?!!

I am hoping this does the trick. I would hate to have to go to disposables full time. I put a lot of work into the cloth diapers and have spent some money on the process as well. Another reason that I don't like disposable is that she is always leaking out of them. I would much rather have poop on the cloth diapers than all over her clothes, my clothes, and whatever she happens to be on at the time.


Stephanie said...

Not to sound snooty...but it slays me that you guys can't hang out clothes. I noticed Amy's not allowed to either. I'm fairly proud of my clothesline and even let the neighbor hang her stuff on it.

Sun! Nature's bleach!

Kristi @ Creative Kristi said...

I had the opposite problem with my litlle man when he was in diapers...every time I'd put a diaper on him (and we bought chlorine free too!) he'd get diaper rash. He'd also get a red bumpy rash on his arms/legs/belly if he wore the same clothes all day (which with a baby is rare lol) I finally figure it out: the detergent. When it sat next to his skin for longer than, oh, an hour he'd break out. So before we started with cloth diapers I switched to homemade laundry detergent and he's been fine ever since! Love my cloth diapers! :) (we were buying the sensitive baby detergent too! He's apparently really sensitive haha)