Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Memory Rag Quilt

When we found out our good friends were moving far away, I immediately got to thinking about what we could give them that would be meaningful, thoughtful, and fun. I got the idea to make the framed state art to my friend, but now I wanted to come up with something for their daughter, Miss S, Peachy's friend since they were babies.
Since I know that they love handmade things, I went that route for both gifts. I settled on a quilt for Miss S, but a quilt with a personal touch. I had each child in our playgroup color a square for the quilt. I interspersed the drawing blocks with some fun bright flannel and made it into a rag quilt.
I hope that this quilt serves to not only warm the body, but the heart as Miss S looks back on her first four years with a wonderful group of playgroup friends.

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