Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Sneak Peek at Our Little Sweetie

Last week we were scheduled for our 20 week anatomy scan. Mr. Cherry and I loaded the two girls into the van and headed for the clinic. The girls did pretty well. Peachy really liked watching and Cream climbed on and off of her daddy's lap, the extra chair, and a stool in the room. (Poor Mr. Cherry was left to wrangle!)

Everything was looking great with our new little one. (S)He was active the entire time. It was fun to watch the movements as I was feeling them. Now I know when I feel movements on the left it is probably an arm or elbow and on the right it is most likely a kick.

Some of the 3d images are just so awesome! It looks like a real baby, if you know what I mean! A few days after the scan we heard back from the doctor's office that everything looks right on track and that they got all of the images that they needed.

We are thanking the Lord for a healthy and uneventful pregnancy to date.
You can see Cream's 20 week images here.
And Peachy's images here.


Lisa said...

Wow, can't believe you're that far along already! Are you going to find out the sex? Did the girls understand what was going on?

Emily @ imperfect said...

How fun! Did you find out the sex? Can't wait to hear more.

We're leaving the kids behind for our 20 week (next week), but now I'm second guessing myself (also second guessing our choice to not find out...I still have a week to decide I guess). Though, pretty sure T would not sit still for it.

Kristi said...

@Emily, we did not find out. That is ow we did it with the girlies and we really like it that way.
I had to ask Mr. Cherry how much he got out of it because he was wrangling Miss Cream a lot. I would think that just showing them the pictures after would be about the same experience for them with less work for you!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Oh my word, so sweet. I am so happy for you!