Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Around Here

I was just looking through pictures on the camera and found too many good ones not to share. So pardon the bit of a photo dump, I couldn't help myself.
One day Peachy decided to style Cream's hair, with the spray bottle we use to clean the floor. Thank goodness I clean with vinegar and water!
In an odd combination of events, the girls decided that Mr. Cherry should take them out one night after supper.
Peachy wanted help with her rollerblading.
And Cream wanted to test out our new-to-us carrier. They all enjoyed themselves and I went for a walk. We will just call him Super Dad!
One of the fro yo places in town had a special promo for the day. Since we were out around lunch time, I decided we would just go and have fro yo for lunch. Peachy decided it was okay as long as we had real food for dessert.
Cream was happy with the change of events and wishes it took place more often.
Peachy got the idea that she needed to set up a photo booth in the living room. She was very specific in her timing, that we needed to take the pictures once it was dark. So after supper we set up the tripod for a few selfies.
The girls and I headed to a harvest event at a very old farm property outside of town this past weekend. The bluegrass band asked if the girls wanted to join in on the rhythm section.
We also got to examine some pretty cool pumpkin and squash varieties.

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Lisa said...

Great pics! The roller skating and hair styling are adorable!