Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What Peachy Wore Wednesday

There are blogs that detail what the author wears on a weekly basis. And there are blogs that show what their little cuties are decked out in. I am adding a twist to that today. Here it is, What Peachy Wore Wednesay (WPWW).
You see, I usually try to aim Peachy in the direction of an acceptable outfit at the beginning of the day. An outfit that we could be seen around town in. They are not always the most coordinated of ensembles, but they are not awful either. However, throughout the day, Peachy does her best to add her own Peacharific flair to the previously acceptable outfit.
Today's WPWW is a perfect example.
We started the day with a nice basic purple pants and tee shirt set. As the day progressed a pink petticoat was added to the top of the pants. (Please note, she would have simply put the skirt on without pants, but I insisted on the pants.) Shortly after the addition of the skirt, she asked that I help her add her play apron to finish the outfit off. And there you have it. A Peachy of an outfit that is 3 and one half year old approved!

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Lisa said...

But this is so much more entertaining than an adult posting what they wore! :)