Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Hazards of Blogging with Children

Sometimes I am asked how I have time to blog with my children around. The truth is that I just work it into our regular everyday activities. Sometimes I do have posts set to publish ahead of time, but not always. Take this morning for example. I intended to blog about a great thrift store score. I just didn't have the pictures to go along with it. So, I set up a little photo area in the kitchen and got ready to take some pictures.    I immediately had two little helpers by my side. So this is what my pictures ended up looking like.
See the photo bomber in the bottom of the shot. I decided to humor her and add her in.
Oop, there is photo bomber number two. Time to get her in an the action.
Such a photogenic child, too. Do you like her outfit? Here is a better shot.
She woke up this morning and wanted to wear her turkey shirt from last year. Okay, next week is Thanksgiving. However, the jeans that I had chosen for her were not what she had in mind. Why not some tights? Okay, I can handle that. It is a pretty nice day here. And then, to top it all off? Her Christmas skirt from last year as well. (I am not sure whether this bodes well for her future fashion sense or not. Will she be so creative with her ensembles that she will be thought of as cutting edge or rather eccentric? Time will tell!)
There you have it, while it is not the post I had originally intended for the day, it is true to my life. And that is really what this blog is about.


Lisa said...

A little diva in that outfit! LOL!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

She's got sass!

Kelly @ Corner of Main said...

Hehe. I love those tights!