Friday, November 16, 2012

Foodie Friday: Thanksgiving Leftovers

I am looking forward to next week Thursday. Getting together with family over a full Thanksgiving spread. This year I find that I am also looking forward to the day after Thanksgiving. I have been seeing all of these yummy ideas for Thanksgiving day leftovers.
Starting with these Cranberry Turkey Sandwich from number-2-pencil:
Followed by this Turkey Cranberry Salad from the craving chronicles:
And finishing up with Thanksgiving Leftover Nachos by CHOW:
So bring on Thanksgiving and bring out the leftovers!


Lisa said...

That first one looks great!

My question is why do people have to make new recipes with their leftovers? Aren't the original dishes good enough? I LOVE the leftovers and I bring tupperware to my parents' house for it! :)

Kelly @ Corner of Main said...

I love turkey cranberry sandwiches. Yumo. I think I like them more than the actual turkey dinner!