Monday, November 5, 2012

Cream: 14 Months Old

I don't do regular monthly updates on the girls after they hit 12 months, but sometimes an update is warranted  And this month seems to be the month for both girls. First our lovable, little spitfire, Cream.

It is hard to explain how Cream has changed so much in the last month. She has grown from a baby into this awesome little person. She walks around with such confidence and determination. If you watch her, it seems as if she always has a purpose to what she is doing. She will pick something up in one room, carry it to another and stash it someplace without even stopping to think.

She is a constant ball of motion. And along with that has come a large appetite. If she starts to get cranky, one of the best solutions is to give her something to eat. It is always amazing how quickly that food can turn her attitude around.

We are all done nursing now. The first few days she made her opinion known that she would prefer momma's milk, thank you very much. At this point, however, she doesn't even ask for it anymore and happily downs sippy after sippy of cow's milk, water, and juice.

She is a funny little girl who seems to think that she is three or four years old versus her one year status. I commented to my mom the other day that she doesn't seem to have the personality of a second born. She always has her own ideas and doesn't hesitate in trying to get us to go along with them. And if our plans are not her plans, you can believe she will let us know.

She also is amazingly good at imitating and copying what those around her do. She picks up on little things so quickly and her best teacher is her big sister. For better or worse.

And while she does have some words, (momma, daddy, bye bye, night night, kitty, thank you, amen, hi, hi ya, her name) she communicates best with gestures and noises. And she is very good at it as well.
Also gone is what I thought was a shy little girl. In the right circumstances, she will happily wave and greet anyone we see with a happy "hi ya!" She is really drawn to babies. She will get right down by them and pat them and say hi, hi, hi!
Where Peachy has always been more on the laid-back, easy-going side, Cream likes things just so. She is most comfortable and happy in her house with her people around. When I drop her off at the gym's daycare, there are always tears. If I sit down on the floor at home, I can expect a lap full of Cream to quickly follow.
Along with these strong feelings come great cuddles and hugs and kisses. (And you can be assured that this momma loves those moments.)
She still wakes up about once a night. Usually all that it takes is to go down and give her a pacifier and she is right back to sleeping. Most days she still takes two naps, even thought I have been trying to change that to one longer one. But as with most things with Cream, I know this change will not come easily.

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Lisa said...

Awww! She seriously has the best outfits. I love what you have her wearing in the photo shoot.

I can't believe she;s saying all those words already! It's amazing how the 2nd born always says so much more b/c they have the older sibling to learn from.