Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The H.O.H. Project: Organizing Part 1: the Kitchen

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In the next few House Our Home posts I am going to share organization ideas with each post focusing in a different area of the house. Some of these are ideas that we use to organize our home and some are good ideas that I found online and wanted to share. I would love, love, love for you to share any ideas that you have!
1) This is a small cupboard next to the microwave in our kitchen. Since it is so narrow it makes it hard to keep bigger items in, but is perfect for spices and other small kitchen necessities. The bottom shelf has a tiered storage system like this one:
The next shelf up has a basket that I purchased from Target to hold small miscellaneous items. Like my immersion blender and its parts, my bench scrapper, and my pastry blender. The basket keeps it all contained and allows me to pull it out when I need it.
Since the top shelf is hard to reach, I keep large spice bottles and other items I don't need regularly.
2) We have a large lazy susan in the corner of our counter. I love it as it can hold lots and lots. However, lazy susans can easily become disorganized and a mess. (Believe me, I know.) A few years ago I purchased these great handled baskets at Wal-Mart. The fit perfectly in our lazy susan tray. I keep like items in each of the baskets. One is for our K-cups, one for baking items, one for grain items, and one for things like nuts and chocolate chips. Not only do they serve the purpose of holding items, they also work as dividers for the tray. I try to keep each section in between with other like items.

3) After moving into our home, I quickly realized that it didn't have the cupboard space that I thought it did. So, we had to figure out ways to store our kitchen items outside of the cupboards. I found these large glass jars with lids at Wal-Mart and Target to keep my flours and sugars in. I have been meaning to label them since I got them, but haven't yet. There are some great ideas out there. I received the hinged glass jar as a gift and decided to use it to keep my cupcake liners in.

4) These two additions were made also due to lack of cupboard space. We bought an inexpensive shelf to keep our small appliances in. It isn't the most asthetic item in our house, but it does its job.
The sippy and bottle rack is also a Wal-Mart purchase. The fact that the unit is made out of bamboo makes me feel a little better about having it out on the counter.

Here are some great kitchen organization ideas that I would like to use some day.
1) I love this idea. I currently keep these items in a drawer. If I had this I would be able to free that drawer up!
2) I love how organized this pantry is. The baskets and various shelf heights are awesome.
3) This is a great post all about organizing the little things like spices and decorating items in the kitchen. Would love to have a house this organized some day!

How about you? How do you orgnaize in your kitchen?

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